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The South Dakota Firefighters Association, South Dakota State Firefighters Auxiliary and the Dear Old Timers Organization (DOT) are offering two $1,000 scholarships to two high school students to assist in their higher education.

If the sponsoring fire department does not have 100% Department Membership at the time of application, the application will not be considered.  

Application must be received by March 15

Scholarship money will be awarded second semester, freshman year

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A Son or Daughter of any member (living, deceased or retired) of a Fire Department in South Dakota or an active member of a Junior/Explorer/Cadet Fire Program in South Dakota.  
  • A high school senior or student entering their first semester of college. 
  • The applicant must be sponsored by a Fire Department that has 100% Department Membership in the SD Firefighters Association for the current year and dues must have been paid prior to submission of your application.
  • The applicant may also be sponsored by a member of the SD Firefighters Auxiliary, a local Fire Department Auxiliary or a member of the Dear Old Timers.  
  • The scholarship may be used at any University, College or Post-Secondary Institution (Vo-Tech.) Preference will be given to those who are obtaining a Fire Science or Emergency Service degree. 
  • Applications must be received by the date listed above to be considered.  

Required Attachments: 

  • Photo required if awarded a scholarship.
  • Transcript of grades (up to first semester if a senior) 
  • Four total letters of recommendation; one from the sponsoring fire department, and the others from a business person, teacher, clergy or one from a SD auxiliary member or Dear Old Timer. 
  • List of school/community activities and awards.
  • A 250-word essay on your personal goals, how this scholarship will benefit your education and the affects that the fire service has had on your life.  

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South Dakota Firefighters Association

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